Friday, August 28, 2015

Standing Tall and Proud

Cody has changed in many ways since joining our family, most noticeably, he has become what I would describe as more confident.

Initially, Cody had a difficult time looking people in the eye. Whenever his eyes met with a person's, he would immediately look away, then look back, and then look away again. This behavior was so noticeable, that we often referred to Cody as Mr. Eye Darter.

Over time, as Cody apparently began to realize that in our pack, everyone is an equal, the eye darting behavior gradually went away. And the eye darting wasn't the only behavioral change we've observed, we've also noticed changes in his posture. Cody not only gazes longingly into your eyes now, but he stands taller and prouder with his head held very high.

What an amazing transformation to see the insecurities dissipate from this beautiful creature.