Saturday, December 23, 2017

Field Stripping Your Beretta 92 FS

After purchasing my 92 FS, I sought out online resources for good cleaning tips, thinking I could learn from the experiences of others. Man oh man was I disappointed. Some of the resources, especially a Youtube video with over half a million views, made it clear that my concept of clean is not universally shared.

So, I decided to add to the resources online with a field strip guide here, and in another post, a cleaning guide that meets my personal standards for cleanliness. 

The first two steps in field stripping the Beretta 92 FS are (1) remove the magazine, and (2) remove the slide barrel assembly. For reference purposes, I've labeled the parts of the weapon that help facilitate these steps:

First remove the Magazine by pressing the Magazine Release Button. The Magazine should pop out part of the way after the button is fully depressed, then fully remove it using your fingers.

Next, while holding the weapon in your right hand, press the Disassembling Latch Release button with your trigger finger. At the same time, with your left thumb, turn the Disassembling Latch clockwise until it no longer turns. This will cause the Slide Barrel Assembly to release and slide forward, as it is under spring tension. I do this step while lightly gripping the Slide Barrel Assembly with my left hand, so that it doesn't completely separate from the rest of the weapon and fall to the floor.

With your left hand, remove the Slide Barrel Assembly completely from the frame, exposing the Locking Block Plunger, Locking Block, Spring Guide and Recoil Spring:

The next steps are removing (1) the Recoil Spring and Spring Guide and (2) the Barrel from the Slide Barrel Assembly.

To remove the Recoil Spring and Spring Guide, grab hold of the end of the Spring Guide with your thumb and trigger finger, and slightly press it towards the business end of the Barrel and away from the Locking Block. This will increase the tension on the Recoil Spring, but allows it to separate from the Locking Block where spring tension is holding the two together:

Now just pull the Spring Guide toward yourself slightly, and slowly release the tension of the Recoil Spring by moving the Spring Guide out and over the top of the Locking Block:

Now simply pull the Spring Guide and Recoil Spring away from the Slide Barrel Assembly.

Next is the removal of the Barrel. This is done effortlessly by using your index finger to depress the Locking Block Plunger:

The Barrel will slide forward, allowing it to be removed by grabbing onto the Locking Block:

Once the Barrel has been removed, you will have successfully field stripped your 92 FS. Congratulations!

Saturday, December 09, 2017

The Boys and Michele

The boys were back a few weeks ago, and I neglected posting any of the photos I took of their visit. Here they are, with their mom, as they prepare for the long drive back to Springfield: