Saturday, June 09, 2012

Hey, I Took That Photo!

Something that's always been fun for me, is to go out on the web, and look for photos I've taken and uploaded, to see how others may be using them. Since I upload a lot of my photos under a name I made up, called syslfrog, it's pretty easy to do. Here are some recent examples I've found:

1. This is an article about a water ban in Ottawa Canada, accompanied with a picture of my son spraying water from the garden hose. That same photo also appears in this article about an unstable figure skating coach.

2. In 2005, I photographed a fire at the Beich Candy Factory in Bloomington Illinois. Here's one of those photos being used in a college text book called The Legal Environment Today, and here it is again in a college text called Business Law: The essentials.

3. Last August, I followed the Normal West marching band as they marched in the State Fair parade in Springfield. Here is one of my photos from that event being used for an article about the state Fair attendance numbers. And here is another in an article about the State budget.

4. In 2009, I joined a group of scientists and science minded individuals on a trek to Ken Ham's Creation Museum in Kentucky. While there, I took this picture of PZ Myers, which now appears on multiple sites in wikipedia. That same photo also appears here, on an article announcing a speaking engagement by PZ Myers at UNLV, and in many other places where PZ is referenced.

5. In 2006, I took a series of photographs of Jason Kubel hitting his first major league grand slam. That picture is referenced here on a baseball website.