Monday, September 03, 2007

Sweet Corn Blues Festival

On Sunday August 26th, we went to the Sweet Corn Blues Festival in Downtown Normal. We try to make it every year because we love the carnival food, and we especially love the sweet corn. The kids like to make their annual stop at ACME Comics to see what kind of deals are being offered in their sidewalk display. This year they brought home some hideous looking tentacled creatures, but hey, they were cheap.

There seemed to be a pretty good crowd this year, the walk through the street was elbow to elbow.

The corn is boiled in hot water that is heated by this old tractor engine. It's fun to watch the workers as they pull out these huge containers of corn so that they can be buttered and served.

Alex flashing his million dollar smile on the streets of Normal.

The place was packed, everybody was there, including Elvis!

With our bellies full of corn, it was time to grab something cool, cross the tracks, and head home.

Another fun day at the Cornfest. Looking forward to next year.

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  1. I love it!...runners who aren't afraid to eat ice cream!



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