Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cross Country - Meet #5

There was a small inter-city meet on September 4th, with Parkside serving as host. Our runners again did very well, here's the summary from the Parkside website:

"GIRLS SCORE: PJHS 31, CJHS 33, KJHS 74 & BJHS 110; BOYS SCORE: PJHS 16, KJHS 69, CJHS 72 & BJHS 97,. Logan Degroot won the boys race and was followed by Eric Gordon, Logan Abeling, Caleb Wiebenga, Peyton Scheuermann, Taylor Hallatt and River Gordon. The girls race had the follwing girls run in the top seven: Brooke Gordon, Brie Hines, Bailey Kerschieter, Lexi Modglin, Hannah Magnuson, Michaella Fowler and Kelsey Kinley."

The girls were led by Chiddix's Carly Pederson.

Our own Brooke Gordon finished second.

Parkside parents, Paul, Michele and Susan chat between races.

The boys race kicks off with Alex near the middle.

Nick poses with his cousins, Anna and Jessica.

The 4 leaders, all from Parkside are: Logan Degroot, Eric Gordon, Logan Abeling and Caleb Wiebenga.

Evan Goodyear follows closely behind two competitors.

Reed Henry working his way through the pack.

Alex making his way towards the final stretch.

Distance 2.02 miles, Alex's time 16:20.

This race was a practice run for the big Parkside Invitational that took place this morning. There were 44 teams, so the competition was pretty fierce. I took alot of photos as usual, so, when I get some time, I'll post the best of them.

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