Sunday, July 31, 2016

New Camera

Well, I've finally made the leap from a point and shoot camera to an SLR. I've been wanting to up my photo game for some time now, and after carefully considering all of my available options, I settled on the Canon EOS 7D.

I understand that the 7D is capable of producing professional level photos, assuming the photographer knows what they're doing. Unfortunately, I've never learned the mechanics of photography, and because of that, I've always relied on my camera's auto settings.

To prepare myself for this new era in photography, I took a two week course in basic photography at the local community college, which I hope will help me to improve my photos.

Here are a some sample shots from the new camera:

The subject of the first one won't surprise anyone who knows me. It's my favorite dog Cody!

The second one comes compliments of an adult Cicada who has shed his skin and entered the final stage of his life: