Saturday, January 02, 2016

Happy Birthday My Love

Today is the birthday of my lovely wife Michele. I'd tell you which birthday it is, but, then I'd have to kill you. Since neither of us wants that, let's just settle for taking a look back at Michele's life through a handful of pictures, starting with Michele when she was a year old:

The next picture makes it painfully obvious that Michele was a good kid, because, well look for yourself, she was a band kid, and everyone knows that band kids are the best kids:

The next photo was taken on Michele's wedding day. With her are her grand parents, whom Michele loved dearly:

What's obvious from the next photo is that Michele hooked up with a pretty nice looking young man, and hey, cute is an understatement to describe those kids:

A trait that I really admire about Michele is her commitment to healthy living. Here she is running one of her many half marathons:

Here'a a fairly recent shot of Michele, the mother of two college students, and my best friend:

As you can see, Michele just keeps getting more and more beautiful. Here's to many more birthdays my love.