Saturday, June 27, 2015

Another Positive Step in the March for Equality

The supreme court ruled 5 to 4 yesterday that marriage for gay people is a fundamental right, which cannot be denied by popular vote. I am so proud of my country right now, and so disappointed with the 4 dissenters on the court. Those 4 conservative justices ought to be ashamed of themselves.

The Obama administration celebrated with this incredible illumination of the White House:

In 1967, the supreme court passed down a ruling in Loving v Virginia that prevented the states from passing laws preventing people of different races from getting married. That case is recognized today as a no brainer by nearly everyone. Oddly enough, there are people in significant numbers that disagree with yesterday's decision, despite the obvious similarities with the Loving case.

Individuals should be able to choose whom they marry, period. End of story. Full stop.

The next time someone tells you they believe in traditional marriage, ask them which one. As I already pointed out, prior to 1967, traditional marriage meant marrying someone with the same skin color. And if you continue moving back in time in this country's history, you'll find that traditional marriage used to mean that women were simply treated as property, which sadly, is still traditional for some people.

Personally, I believe in marriages that are based on love and mutual respect. That definition may not qualify as traditional in conservative circles, but it does honor the rights of individuals to make their own choices concerning marriage, which is something I proudly support as a liberal.