Sunday, December 28, 2014

Going Away Party for Kyle

Last night was Kyle's going away party. We were all hiding and waiting to yell surprise when Kyle surprised us by walking in a different entrance than the one we were expecting.

It was a great send off for Kyle.

Front row: Zak, Caleb, J.T., Justin, Brian. Back row: Kyle, Tyler, Austin, Alex, Jack, Drew, Alex, Nick 

Karen, Connor, Kyle, Don

Molly, Andrea, Kyle, Sarah, Regan

Belle, Justin, Kyle, Tyler, Paul, Arleta

David, Alex, Kyle, Nick, Michele

Tyler, Caleb, Justin, Alex, J.T., Nick, Austin

Hector, Katie, Nick, Alex, Austin, Justin, Andrea, Kyle, J.T. Caleb, Tyler, Mitch

Hector, Katie, Caleb, Justin, Kyle, Andrea, Tyler, Molly, Nick, J.T.,Regan, Alex, Maddie, Sarah, Mitch, Austin

Sarah, Kyle

Michele, Kyle, David

Kyle, Sarah