Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Perfect Timing

Lady luck was with me this morning as I dialed in to a local radio station in an attempt to qualify for a Hawaii trip give away. The radio jockey said he was looking for the third caller, and before he could finish his sentence, I was frantically dialing my phone.

I got through on the first attempt, and my name was added to the growing list of qualifiers. Here's the tweet they sent out announcing my qualification:

So I went in to work today feeling very lucky. But as it turned out, my luck was pretty insignificant compared to my good friend Jonathan.

Jonathan and I have worked together for many years, and as we were eating lunch today, I noticed the time was about 12:28. I knew that at 12:30 there would be another chance for someone to qualify for the Hawaii trip, so I encouraged Jonathan to give it a shot. Jonathan suggested we head out to the parking lot to listen for the signal to call in from one of our cars, but I knew there wouldn't be time to get there, so I suggested he just go ahead and make the call.

So, Jonathan pulled out his smart phone, entered the radio station's phone number, and dialed in. The phone immediately started ringing, and after only a couple rings, a voice from the other end answered by saying "congratulations, you're the 9th caller and the next qualifier for our Hawaii trip giveaway".

We were stunned, and we both began laughing uncontrollably. Jonathan's timing couldn't have been better. Here's the tweet they sent out after Jonathan qualified:

So, on April 13th, Jonathan and I and probably around 200 other qualifiers will be in a final drawing to determine who gets to go on the trip. Stay tuned.