Saturday, August 17, 2013

An Evening with Patrick Rothfuss

Early last week, we discovered that Patrick Rothfuss, author of the Kingkiller Chronicle, was going to be doing a book signing at the Indianapolis Public Library. Alex and Nick discovered his writings about six years ago, and Rothfuss has held rock star status in our home ever since.

With the summer winding down, meeting Mr. Rothfuss seemed like a great end-of-summer family activity, so we drove the three hours it takes to get to Indianapolis.

We were very impressed upon seeing the Indianapolis Public Library, which is a grand  looking building with huge stone columns. Here are Michele, Alex and Nick standing in front of the libray just before going inside:  

Once inside, we found a very enthusiastic crowd patiently waiting for the event to start. Mr. Rothfuss conversed with the crowd as they filtered in:

The event began with Mr. Rothfuss conducting a Q&A session. He then read from his series the Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Wiffle:

After the talk, Mr. Rothfuss signed books, lots of them. For our family alone, he signed six books:

After signing the books, Mr.Rothfuss graciously posed for a picture with Alex and Nick. It was supposed to be a serious photo, but Alex and Nick were unable to stay in character:

After the event, we ventured out to the streets of Indianapolis for the three hour drive home:

Definitely a trip worth taking. Patrick Rothfuss is not just a great writer, he's also a great speaker and a gracious host.