Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ghostly Image

Yesterday, while walking from the parking lot towards my place of employment, I noticed a very large blackbird chasing what appeared to be a pigeon. I watched in horror as the pigeon slammed headfirst into one of the building's windows, bounced back a few feet, and dropped to the ground below. The black bird hovered in the air above for a moment, then floated down to the spot where the pigeon's lifeless body lay on the ground.

Almost immediately, my attention was drawn to a large white spot on the window, and I realized that the pigeon had left a mark at the spot where he collided with the window. I had my camera in my vehicle, so I went back and grabbed it, you know,  just in case a photo opportunity should present itself while investigating this incident a little closer.

After entering the building, I went to a lower level window to see if I could see the pigeon or the blackbird. Sure enough, a few feet from the window was a blackbird feasting on a pigeon:

Right after I took this photo, the blackbird walked up to the window, spread his wings, and jumped at the window about four or five times, as if to chase me away. I was so startled by the display, that I forgot I was holding my camera, and I missed what would have made a very interesting photograph.

I then went up to the fourth floor where the impact occurred, and this is what I saw on the window:

And here is a close up of the same image:

If you look closely, you can see details of the bird's feet, wings, and even its beak. What a horrible end to that bird's life, but what an interesting memorial he left behind.