Monday, March 25, 2013

The Greatest Dog in the World

If you've ever wondered if there is such a thing as a perfect dog, wonder no more. I've not only seen the perfect dog, I've captured him on film. Feast your eyes on Cody.
We first met Cody over the backyard fence, since he was being raised by our next door neighbor. In those days, Cody spent the majority of his time outside, rain or shine. We never passed up an opportunity to lean over the fence, pet him, and occasionally, sneak him some treats. He seemed so lonely, and he craved the attention.

Cold, wet, skinny Cody
One day, while leaning over the fence petting Cody, and telling him what a good boy he is, I heard a voice say "if you want him, you can have him." It was my next door neighbor, and she was talking to me through her kitchen window. She explained that they were moving, and that they needed to find a good home for Cody. She had noticed the relationship that had developed between us, and she thought we would be a good fit for him. I didn't know what to say. I was crazy about this dog, but I wasn't sure I was ready for dog ownership. We already had two cats, and hey, cats are easy. Dogs require an investment of time. I told my neighbor I would think about it, and let her know after speaking with Michele.

The decision to take in Cody was reached very quickly.

Cody moved in with us about a month later which was mid September of 2009. The neighbors sent along his big blue pillow, which we have in our living room in front of the fireplace. We knew a good transition would require some things that Cody was already familiar with. He spends a lot of time lounging on it, and it's his favorite spot to nibble on special treats.

Cody taking it easy
One of Cody's favorite pastimes, when he's not lounging on his pillow or our futon, is to take walks. That's why we love the area we live in so much, is because of the sheer number of places available to walk Cody. We started walking him with a leash, but soon realized he didn't need one. Cody is very well behaved around other dogs, and he doesn't stray very far away. We can just walk and talk, and Cody will always be within a few feet of us.

Walking Cody
Cody has become such an integral part of our everyday life, that it's hard to remember what life was like before he joined the family.