Sunday, August 19, 2007

Six Flags

Last Friday we we spent the day at Six Flags in St. Louis. It was very hot, but not at all crowded. We had a great time watching the kids have a great time. I took a lot of pictures as usual, here is but a small taste of what we experienced. The kids prepare to shoot monsters on the Scooby Doo ride.

Captain, I think we're taking on water!
Aye, she's still sea worthy.
John shows the girls how it's done.
We survived!
Big John and John Jr make a big splash.
Michele and Krissy looking for shade.
A spinning roller coaster.
John and Michele taking a spin.
The kids begin their tidal wave trek.
Full speed ahead!
Here's the tidal wave in action

Michele and Nick ride the Joker.
A bit of relaxing between rides.


John waves from Batman.
Alex and John looping on Batman.
And yet another loop.
Diving into the final stretch.
Jason and Nick in the lap of a furry something or other.
Michele on the Collosus.
Nick and Jason on another break.
Alex was the only one brave enough to ride the Xcalibur.

A final break before heading home.
Nick and Jason show off their winnings from the arcade games.

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