Sunday, June 24, 2007

Funnel Cloud

We were driving South on Main Street at around 4:20 pm this afternoon, when we noticed what appeared to be a funnel cloud off to the West. This seemed kind of odd since the sky didn't look all that threatening. I stopped the car a few blocks North of Downtown Bloomington and captured the following photos. Within minutes of taking these shots, the funnel disappeared back into the clouds.



We saw the funnel again about 10 minutes later by The Den golf course. If you look between the houses you can see the funnel running horizontal across the sky. We watched it for about 10 minutes as it slowly dissipated into the clouds.

One of my photos was shown on WEEK News at the beginning of their Weather Segment. The Weather man identified this phenomenon as a Cold Air Funnel. I also spoke to a guy at work who saw the photo aired on another local network. I missed recording that one since I forgot to set up my VCR. Sounds like it was very similar to the one I did record though.
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