Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Grand Canyon

We had probably one of the shortest visits to the Grand Canyon ever recorded in American History. We drove through a snowstorm in Flagstaff on the way there, and knew we would be hitting it on the way back to Phoenix. The day was slowly coming to a close, and it was very cold out. When we got to the South rim, we knew there was less than an hour of sunlight left, and we wanted to use as much of that daylight for our return trip as possible. So we walked to the edge, snapped a few photos from two locations, then ran freezing back to the car. Total time spent looking over the edge, probably less than 10 minutes. The view was absolutely incredible, and the following pictures don't even come close to doing the Canyon justice.

Most of these photos are shot facing straight North, looking at the North rim.

These next few shots were done looking more Northwest.

These last shots are all looking to the East.

As we were leaving the parking lot, this deer walked out in front of the car in front of us. I think four or five cars stopped and there were easily half a dozen people standing beside their stopped cars trying to get a picture. He seemed very tame, and in this shot is standing about 10 yards from me.

Michele and I have decided that a repeat trip to the Canyon is in order at some unknown point in the future, this time though we will take the boys with us. The Grand Canyon is most definitely something everyone should get a chance to see in their lifetime.

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